Project Type: Artist

Louise Hjorth Jespersen

I paint expressively and experimentally. It’s often a struggle between the designers tools and the more expressive  forces that require a violation of graphic dogmas to make the painting come alive.

It triggers overpainting, layers and impulsively frustrated brush strokes, eventually providing the balance of graphic expression, vibrant intensity, and emotional satiety that determines that the painting is finished.


I’ve had work shown a censored exhibitions and I’ve previously sold through e.g. online galleries.
Now I’ve chosen to start my own small art studio /gallery at the very center of Aarhus, DK:  Art Studio Kul

Professional background

In 2013 I realised that I needed to maximise the joy of expressing myself through painting, and I’ve been practising and studying ever since. I’ve taken a few courses but most of the time, it’s just been me in front of the easel (or rather: Me on the floor with acrylic paint everywhere.  Sitting, walking and standing with canvas on wall in front of me)

2013- future: Selfemployed
2008-2013: Senior User Experience Designer
2002-2008: Corporate Designer
1996-2002: Web Designer
1994-1996: Designer
1994 Multimediadesigner (SpaceInvaders), MouseHouse
1992 Architect/Industrial designer, Arkitektskolen i Aarhus